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FHA Research Center’s Top Agents Program


We are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new program that should give realtors and their websites the respect they deserve. The point of the Top Agents Contest is to find the best websites for future homebuyers and sellers in different markets. Each week we will be searching through every realtor website we can find in a particular market and reviewing them based on certain criteria. Those criteria include:

User-friendly: How easy is it to get around your website?

Design: How pretty is your website?

Helpful: Does your website seem to get buyers what they’re looking for? Can sellers get their homes listed online?

Judging from these 3 categories, we will narrow the field down to the best 20 sites in your area. The websites that prove themselves worthy will receive an award from FHA Research Center, letting everyone know that your site is top of its class.

Good Luck,
The FHA Research Center Team

If you would like to make certain your website doesn’t go unseen, please feel free to email phillip@fharesearchcenter.com.