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Since 2004, FHAResearchCenter.com has been aiding Americans with their home purchasing and refinancing needs. By providing important information related to these often complex processes, individuals and families learn how they can afford to purchase a home with the help of the Federal Housing Administration.

FHA Mortgages


Purchasing a new home is exciting. Fiding the right home for you and your family requires a great deal of work and decision making. However, finding the right mortgage is just as important as finding the right home.

Many Americans take advantage of FHA loans when purchasing a home. Our Research Center can help you to learn about the benefits of a FHA Loan.

A FHA mortgage can be an attractive option to many first-time homebuyers, as down-payment requirements for a FHA mortgage can be as low as 3 percent. However, you donít need to be a first-time buyer to take out a FHA mortgage; the only stipulation is that a purchaser may only have one FHA mortgage at a time.

More information on FHA loans is available from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.